The Wedding Package Fee of $2500* includes

  1. Personal Assistance with Richard by comprehensive pre-marriage preparation and courses.

  2. All materials and costs for

  3. “Prepare” - A Couple Relationship Assessment, its processing, and meeting with Richard.

  4. “The Marriage Preparation Course” run with other couples in Richard’s home.

  5. Rehearsal - The church is available for your rehearsal with Richard and his wife Judy.

  6. Wedding - Ample time for the church building is ensured so you do not feel rushed to leave.

  7. Flowers - We provide beautiful church flowers. You may provide your own at your own expense.

  8. Pew Ribbons - Silk ribbons for the pew ends.

  9. Organist - One of Sydney’s best, your organist meets with you prior to your wedding and assists you in choosing your music.  

  10. Sound System - St. Thomas has a sound technician and a superb sound system should you have music to play. 

  11. Verger - Someone for building setup, sound system operation, lighting, video, parking, cleanup etc is always in attendance to assist during your Wedding.

  12. DVD - You will be given your choice of a DVD or digital recording on a flash drive of your service.

  13. Paperwork - Preparation of all legal paperwork and registration. You will also receive a beautiful  Wedding Certificate.

  14. Wedding Minister - Because Richard is able to devote time for you, expect a friendly, helpful, enjoyable and professional relationship. Richard will give you time and personal care, so the process is an enjoyable and enriching time.

  1. *Important - Wedding Fee: When the amount of time, personalised care, and special “extras” included in the price are considered, the cost must be considered exceptionally reasonable.